The weight of success

SAF-Holland develops new products and upgrades to existing ranges not behind closed doors, but with a close eye on the requirements of the market.
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Get smart

There has been a considerable rise in popularity among fleets when it comes to the uptake of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and Tyre Pressure Refill Systems (TPRS). Read More

Pressure point

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) market is projected to reach $20.8 billion USD globally by 2025 – a major contributing factor here includes sweeping changes to legislation that will see the mandatory application of TPMS throughout Europe and beyond. Read More

At the tipping point of cylinder safety

The lifting cylinder of a tipper truck is exposed to regular cycles of heavy loads. Yet it is expected to perform without fault over a long working life. In an industry where profit margins are narrow and equipment failure can be catastrophic, the quality of such equipment must never be in question. Thus, the testing standards set by Edbro for its tipping cylinders are designed to ensure safe, reliable performance under all conditions. Read More

Optimised payload for more efficiency

If the truck and trailer combination weighs less, the possible payload and the economic efficiency of fleets increases. To make semi-trailer trucks lightweight, economical and efficient, SAF-Holland has reduced the weight of crucial components: The improved premium trailer axle, a drum-brake axle for 19.5” mega tyres, the convenient tyre pressure monitoring system and extra-light fifth wheels optimise the payload of articulated lorries. Read More

Leading the energy transition

The ROAD collaborative project, which enabled CHEREAU to produce its first hydrogen-powered semi-trailer, was finally realised at the Solutrans exhibition in November 2019. This project highlighted numerous technologies that were leveraged to develop ‘From ROAD to REAL’ – an ambitious program to take ROAD’s tech to the next level. Read More

Home for harvest

Swedish innovator, Quicke, is the latest brand to join the JOST family and continues to break new ground in agricultural business. Clever engineering and future-proof service capabilities make the Q-series front loader an impressive sight to behold in the field. Read More