Together we go further: Manac

Following 55 years of experience, strategic acquisitions, and a new website, Manac has strengthened its brand.

The OEM in recent years has built a service centre in Moncton, Canada, developed new products and improved its service standards.

This new brand positioning is reported to focus on the human factor, cooperation and partnership as a growth driver with the new slogan ‘Together we go further’.

This slogan, the OEM explained, symbolises Manac’s vision to be recognised as the industry’s preferred partner in North America and the company’s commitment to working closely with clients to cater to their ever-evolving needs.

“We literally go further thanks to the sturdiness, efficiency and durability of our trailers,” said Manac Vice President Sales and Marketing, Tom Ramsden.

“Concept-wise, we go further in terms of business, as we work together with our team members, clients and suppliers to generate synergies.”

To strengthen the reputation and equity of its numerous brands, Manac also created a consistent, scalable brand architecture that will help to onboard new brands in the context of potential future acquisitions. This architecture comprises a parent brand (Manac), sister brands (ABS and Peerless), as well as two types of sub-brands: the acquired child brands (Alutrec, Liddell, Cobra, and CPS) and the native brands (WING product line such as Darkwing).

This brand repositioning, Manac said, comes with a visual identity that puts the iconic flying moose at the forefront, focusing on the wings that carry us further. In addition, Manac has updated its image with a new, totally revamped website that is better suited for today’s market needs, where clients require increased transparency and concise, quickly accessible information. Clients can expect an improved user experience, thanks, in part, to increased ease of navigation, detailed product sheets, and a dedicated section for services such as repairs and liftgate installation.

Earlier this month, TFI International announced it was acquiring two LTL operations.

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