UN creates new World Sustainable Transport Day

Beginning this year, 26 November will be marked as the United Nation’s World Sustainable Transport Day, adopting the resolution at the General Assembly’s 77th session.

The resolution was put forward by the government of Turkmenistan, with help from the International Road Transport Union (IRU).

“A UN World Sustainable Transport Day recognises transport’s indispensable role in society, economic development and environmental protection,” said IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto.

“It is a special opportunity for every citizen on this planet to stop, reflect and recognise just how crucial transport, and road transport in particular, is in every aspect of our daily lives.”

The move, said the UN, will also encourage international organisations and regional institutions, and their private sector, to further coordinate their efforts and collaborate in mobilising financial and technical assistance to countries, particularly developing countries, to strengthen links between all modes of transport.

In other news, new commercial vehicle registrations are going gangbusters across the European Union.

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