Profits are up for duisport

German port operating company, duisport Group, is drawing up a positive balance sheet for 2022, despite overall performance and cargo throughput declining slightly.

It has recorded an increase in operating profit over the previous year.

The German transportation, logistics and supply chain company had concerns that events over the past financial year would hinder profits, but they remain relatively unscathed.

“Fortunately, the economic effects of the Ukraine war were not as severe for the duisport Group as we initially feared,” said duisport CEO, Markus Bangen.

“On the other hand, we felt the consequences of the low water level in the summer and the decline in German chemical production. Despite the massive impairments and challenges, however, our core business has proven to be extremely stable and resilient.”

Figures include:

  • Total operating performance – €332.7 million
  • Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation – €42 million
  • Total assets – €454.7 million
  • Investment costs – €55 million

The Port of Duisburg is reported to be the world’s largest inland port and the leading logistics hub in central Europe.

In other news, CLEAR International has released its latest report on heavy trailer sales in Eastern Europe.

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