The perfect combination: Kässbohrer

With enginuity, Kässbohrer presents the most reliable, robust and high-quality tanker and silo vehicles in 10 product groups including the safest dangerous goods tankers, lightest chemical tankers as well as the highest hygiene standards in its ATP certified food tankers.
Kassbohrer tanker.

Combining engineering excellence and a customer-centric approach, Kässbohrer offers Europe’s most versatile and lightest tanker and silo heavy vehicles.

The OEM provides stainless steel or aluminium tankers spec’d for the most stringent hygiene requirements necessary for the food sector, the safe transportation of hazardous chemicals, even the secure transportation of manure in different volumes and specifications combined with insulation or heating options according to the operational needs of the customer.

Presenting Europe’s lightest silo range, Kässbohrer offers high quality tipping K.SSK silos including the lightest ADR tipping silo vehicles that are suitable for transporting powder, or granular materials, as well as K.SSL non tipping silos for the most efficient transportation and discharge of low-density materials.

Award-winning bitumen tanker K.STS by Kässbohrer
Kässbohrer bitumen tanker K.STS meets all the needs of hot petrochemical goods transportation and raises the bar in safety in operations with its award-winning remote control option.

Offered with 30m³ to 37m³ capacity, Kässbohrer K.STS bitumen tankers provide maximum payload thanks to their tare weight starting from 6,050kg. For the operational needs of its customers, K.STS can be equipped with various heating options, such as steam, water, and electrical heating depending on climate conditions.

Kässbohrer’s Trailer Innovation 2017 Award ‘Safety’ category winner bitumen tanker K.STS 32 realised with Hoyer, is a fine example for the industry. Currently presented as an option, K.STS 32 bitumen tanker can be equipped with a remote control enabling the automated discharge of bitumen remotely assuring the safety of the driver, the site, and the environment.

Secure transportation of fuel, oil by Kässbohrer
Compliant with ADR regulations and made of high-quality aluminium, Kässbohrer fuel tanker K.STB, stands out in the liquid dangerous goods transportation with features for advanced safety including overfill protection and Sealed Parcel Delivery (SPD) which monitors load capacity for any changes during operations for safety. K.STB also features anti-theft options.

Kässbohrer fuel tanker K.STB.

Kässbohrer fuel tanker K.STB with 32m³ to 42 m³ volumes, increase load capacity and efficiency in operations, with its low tare weight, starting from 4,750kg. For the specific needs of its customers, K.STB can be offered with one to six compartment options, mechanical and electronic dipstick systems, pump, counter, hose reel and collector.

Lightest and easiest to clean chemical transport by Kässbohrer
Kässbohrer’s Chemical Substance Tanker K.STC PR is developed to provide the highest safety standards for the transport of liquid chemicals without compromising user-friendliness.

Europe’s lightest chemical tanker, Kässbohrer K.STC PR, is available in 30m³with 6,450kg tare weight to 37.5m³ with 6,980kg tare weight, and it offers extra cargo transport benefits and fuel savings during transport without cargo.

Presenting a stainless steel tank body, K.STC PR is offered with a different number of filling and cleaning manholes which conform to EN 140 25 standards on each compartment separated by baffle plates. With its walkthrough baffle option, K.STC PR enables the easiest cleaning operation with the possibility of walking between baffles by entering the tank only from a single filling manhole.

Kässbohrer chemical tanker.

Kässbohrer K.SRC PR is ingeniously designed with ready-to-use I profile stainless steel electro-polished modular chassis with single-type brackets. With its unique chassis, K.STC PR not only allows less costly and faster repair while minimising material waste but also enables seamless integration of the retrofit additions using only bolts and clamps.

Food transportation with the highest hygiene conditions
Serving all foodstuff transportation needs with its ATP certified as well as pressurised tankers, Kässbohrer offers K.STL and K.STL P in various volume and compartment options. Ingeniously developed to serve the versatile needs of its customers safely and efficiently, Kässbohrer food tankers provide safe liquid food transportation of foodstuff goods from vegetable oil to milk whey, chocolate to specific beverages.

Designed to the smallest detail, the Kässbohrer food tankers are easy to clean with cleaning balls that reach every point inside the tank for hygienic usage.

Kässbohrer offers pressurised food tanker K.STL P that has been engineered to provide hygienic transportation of delicate goods such as chocolate, nut cream, and specific beverages with its unsurpassed surface quality.

Offering efficiency in food transport, K.STL P provides discharge pump options, 2R quality inner surface, smoothed and polished welding seams, CIP cleaning lines as well as stainless-steel I profile polished frame, a sterile food-grade pump, discharge cabinet, and airline filters. Offering multiple compartment options with single or separate discharge lines K.STL P, efficiently meets the versatile operational needs of its customers by enabling the transportation of different materials in separate compartments to various stations with a single vehicle.

In addition to K.STL P, Kässbohrer offers K.STL with up to 30m³ volume, 3 compartments and KTL coated steel chassis. With its tare weight starting from 5,550 kg, K.STL enables increased load capacity and is more environmentally friendly by reducing fuel consumption, offering high efficiency whether it is filled or empty.
Additionally, K.STL is manufactured in accordance with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system and is assured that all equipment and tank parts are suitable for transporting food.

Ideal solution between the farm and field
Kässbohrer developed the tank semi-trailer for natural waste transportation, K.STN, to minimise the environmental and health risks as well as hazards occurring during the transportation of manure to power plants and renewable energy centres.

Taking into account the formation of hazardous gases during the transportation of liquid manure, the K.STN is equipped with pneumatic leveling control as well as overpressure and vacuum valves, which enable the loading and unloading process to be carried out safely and simply.

In addition, the K.STN with its aluminium or steel chassis construction stands for durability and easy maintenance. With an empty weight of 5,450kg and steering axle equipment, the K.STN offers maximum mobility under the toughest road and working conditions.

Europe’s lightest silo vehicles by Kässbohrer
Kässbohrer successfully meets its customers’ operational needs with its high-quality tipping K.SSK silos suitable for transporting powder, or granular materials such as sugar, coffee, plastics, ash, and much more with 40m³ to 90m³ loading capacities and non-tipping K.SSL silo vehicles suitable for low-density powder transport such as cement transportation with 31m³ to 45m³ volume options according to the density of the material you wish to transport.

Kässbohrer has the lighest in Europe K.SSK tipping silos with their tare weight starting from 5,050kg which provide operational efficiency with their loading capacity while enabling a continuous and easy flow of the material with its enhanced flow angles, smooth aluminium surfaces, a tilt angle of up to 45º enabled by the hydraulic tipping system, and the 4 kW electro-hydraulic pump alongside its high-quality stainless steel electro-polished discharge cone.

In addition, Kässbohrer’s K.SSK tipping ADR silo is the lightest ADR silos in the market. Kässbohrer ADR series can be offered in volumes of 40m³ to 60m³ depending on the fleet’s need for versatile dangerous powder and granular materials such as carbide, coal, ashes, and metal chips. K.SSK ADR series, are designed, analysed, and tested in compliance with ECTA/DOW recommendations and ADR regulations.

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The lightest non-tipping silo series in the market Kässbohrer K.SSL, with its tare weight starting from 4,100kg, is the perfect fit for the most efficient transportation and discharge of low-density materials, offering maximum payload capacity for the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Along with its ingeniously designed cone angles and optimum volume, Kässbohrer’s K.SSL series offer aluminium chassis, cone and manhole options, aluminium airlines, an aluminium toolbox, and aluminium ladder/handrails in its standard features   The K.SSL also offers flexible discharge possibilities for various road and working conditions, such as standpipe strings that are positioned under or within the chassis for discharge from the rear. In addition, lateral discharge via funnel is possible on the left or right side.

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