Powder-Trans upgrades fleet to improve efficiency

Powder transport specialist, Powder-Trans, has taken delivery of a tipping silo vehicle from Kässbohrer.

Powder-Trans, one of the largest operators in the powder transport industry in the Nordics, was founded by Carl-Johan Blomqvist in 1972. Mainly operating in the Nordic countries, Powder-Trans also carries freight to the Baltics and Central Europe.

With many years of experience and the continuous development of its fleet through new investments, Powder-Trans is able to meet even the most demanding transportation needs of granular and powdered materials.

With its latest investment, the Kässbohrer K.SSK 90, Powder-Trans’ fleet is now supported by the most efficient silo for low-density bulk material transportation that provides maximum loading capacity thanks to its 90-cubic-metre volume.

The only choice for maximum capacity, Kässbohrer K.SSK 90’s ingenious design allows its customers to perform loading, unloading, cleaning, and maintenance operations in the most efficient way.

Fredrik Blomqvist, CEO and Managing Director of Powder-Trans, Mehmet Önen, Head of Key Account Management of Kässbohrer, and Matti Virtanen, Sales Director of Vak Oy, attended the delivery ceremony and detailed their newly established partnership.

“As Powder-Trans, our company’s guideline has always been in line with customer- oriented service, environmental awareness, and innovative thinking,” said Blomqvist.

“Therefore, it is no coincidence that we are working with Kässbohrer, the only manufacturer that provides 90-cubic-metre silos in their standard product portfolio with the fastest delivery time in Europe.

“With the newest addition to our fleet, we will increase the efficiency we provide to our customers for powder transportation, while both reducing the environmental impact with fewer trips and keeping our innovative spirit alive.”

Önen said: “The first tipping Kässbohrer silo semi-trailer was developed in 1953. Adhering to our motto ‘Enginuity’, we combine our innovative power and R&D competency to develop vehicles for all sectors with tipping, non-tipping, and container silo ranges, presenting the highest number of options to meet their unmet operational needs.

“Our tipping silo, K.SSK 90 stands out as the only choice for transporting low-density bulk materials, because it not only increases the efficiency of their operations with maximum volume, but also ensures fast and easy loading, unloading, cleaning and maintenance processes.

“For loading ease, Kässbohrer K.SSK is offered with eight manholes that ensure our customers benefit from the maximum volume in the most efficient way.

“In the unloading operations, K.SSK 90 allows continuous and easy flow of the material with its enhanced flow angles, smooth aluminium surfaces, a tilt angle of up to 45-degrees enabled by the hydraulic tipping system, and the 4 kW electro-hydraulic pump alongside its high-quality stainless steel electro-polished discharge cone.

“For the flexible needs of our customers, we also offer a wide range of options such as tank inside acid cleaning applications, various discharge flow accelerators, vibrators, and different size of discharge valves.

“For reduction of operational costs, and easy maintenance, Kässbohrer K.SSK tipping silos are equipped with de-mountable airlines, safety couplings, vacuum valves and breathing valves as standard. Additionally, the highest quality aluminium smooth inner surface also minimises the material residues to provide ease of cleaning and less operational time in cleaning stations.

“Kässbohrer supports its customers that are operating in the Nordic region with its 43 aftersales support locations, 27 of which provide complete aftersales support special for tanker and silo vehicles.

“With our highest-quality vehicles and growing after-sales services network, we will continue to support our valuable customer Powder-Trans with its operations.”

In other news, Kässbohrer has engineered a high-capacity Super Eco Combi (SEC) vehicle with Ewals Cargo Care to improve efficiency and sustainability.

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