On the road to the future

Visitors to the exhibition hall will see the manufacturer’s new products, including the Scrap Master tipper, the Recycle Master Slider hook trailer, and the Curtain Swap Master swap body. Wielton will also show a wide range of product configuration options. The event will run from 21 to 24 September. Read More

The integrated power of Wielton Group

The last eight years have been a period of extremely dynamic growth for the Wielton Group. A successively implemented strategy based on geographical diversification and the potential of acquired brands has ensured that the Group has maintained its strong position among the world’s top ten producers. Read More

A modern approach to tippers: Wielton

Wielton has introduced improvements to its flagship tipper models. The Bulk Master and Weight Master have been improved to increase their durability and usability. The focus, according to the OEM, was on new design solutions, modernisation of cargo boxes and increasing the quality and durability of products. Read More

The first decade

Since the founding of Global Trailer in 2011, the magazine has consistently focused on supporting the international trailer manufacturing scene through the provision of timely reports and in-depth analysis of the sector’s most influential and emerging voices. It is the imperative of the editorial team to meet the needs of the global road transport industry and the diversity of its information requirements via expertly filtered data in both print and online formats in the interests of providing a trusted business resource. Read More

Focused on tomorrow

Mariusz Golec, the CEO of the Wielton Group, is pleased that the IAA trade fair is returning after a four-year hiatus. Read More

Strength in geographical diversification

The last five years have been a period of extremely dynamic growth for the Wielton Group. The strategy based on geographical diversification and the potential of the acquired brands ensures that the Group maintains a strong position among the top ten manufacturers in the world. Such a strong position was possible due to the renowned brands that have successively joined and strengthened the Group’s position. Read More

Multibrand power

Wielton Group CEO Mariusz Golec commands a strong OEM presence in Poland, Germany, France, Italy and the UK. Following ongoing success with strategic acquisitions and geographical diversification, the top-10 producer of trailing equipment in the world is poised to tackle new markets.
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Poland’s powerplay

Wielton Group CEO, Mariusz Golec, embraces the benefits of synergy and integrated power. Following the Polish OEM’s UK expansion announcement last year, we are starting to see some long-term plans come to fruition.
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