Intelligent production

In 2019, Fuwa invested about 0.3 billion euros to establish an intelligent and state-of-the-art production line for trailer axles, including the use of robotic arms, automatic equipment, and advanced facilities, and laid a solid foundation for the top value of quality-oriented development. Read More

Standing the test of time

The road transport industry, in light of supply chain disruption and the need to keep essential services on the move, is as competitive as ever. While the total cost of ownership remains a top priority for fleets, attention is also turning towards the longevity, cost-effectiveness and versatility of modern trucks and trailers. When the time comes to upgrade a heavy vehicle asset, ultimately, it is the residual or resale value that will make the difference between a good investment and an incredible one. Read More

Leading the charge

Dutch manufacturing specialist, VALX, has been enhancing its axles and suspension portfolio since it started business 10 years ago and shows no sign of slowing down. The OEM combines the flexibility of a relatively small company with the manufacturing power of the largest axle builder in the world.
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Braking energy is king

Twan Heetkamp – the Dutch entrepreneur who sold his trailer rental company to TIP Trailer Services in 2016 – saw his second generation of emission-free cooling trailers hit the road earlier this year. In 2020, he has plans to produce 150 New Cool trailers.
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Valx to shake up global axle market

Dutch company Valx is not new to the European trailer axle market anymore, but hasn’t quite managed to break into the industry’s top echelon just yet. With the help of global powerhouse Fuwa, that could now change.
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