Plan of attack

An FBI cyber intelligence analyst is warning that transport companies need to be vigilant when it comes to digital security and are at risk of cyber-attacks as much as anyone else. Speaking at the National
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Safe travels

Safety for both driver and vehicle is the focus of all developments at Aspöck Systems. The next generation of tyre pressure monitoring systems – Aspöck TPMS – not only reduces the risk of accidents,
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Strenx in numbers

It was just over a decade ago when the Hidroamerica team realised they needed to start making some changes and embrace innovation. It was a time when strong and robust equipment was the trend, but as the
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Where communication is key

A company can have the best in quality material and the most innovative technology on the market, but if its customers aren’t satisfied, it isn’t doing its job. That is why, for Brazilian manufacturer
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A leg up

In the world of trailers industry standards are always hitting new heights and equipment manufacturers must maintain pace with innovation. For VALX, which is a subsidiary of truck and trailer part manufacturers,
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Under pressure

Tyre pressure is dependent on so many different factors – the speed of the vehicle, heaviness of the load and geographical conditions. Even temperature has a huge influence on tyre pressures. As of 6
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American dreams

Late 2023 North American Class 8 truck orders were lower compared to the same time in late 2022, while production of Class 8 truck orders decreased partly due to supply chain troubles. Trailer backlogs
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Global Mission

It was a grand occasion. CIMC Vehicles’ CEO and President, Guiping Li, delivered his anniversary speech where he was able to reflect on the past two decades and express his gratitude to those who contributed
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pepsi ev

Flaunting EV muscle

Multi-national food and beverage company, PepsiCo, is running 21 Tesla Semis, some up to 700km a day on regional haul routes, out of its Sacramento, California, distribution centre. It is one of 10 fleets
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Lecitrailer’s steady success

Lecitrailer has been manufacturing vehicles that offer an innovative and efficient solution for more than 30 years and the Spanish OEM always ensures it meets the personalised requirements of its clients, something it says is ingrained in its DNA. Read More