Changing the game

The ever-industrious CIMC Vehicles is supporting local industry with its tried-and-true portfolio of trailing equipment. In particular, the Chinese manufacturer’s low bed trailers are in active service, facilitating the safe and timely movement of heavy machines such as diggers to and from infrastructure development sites. Read More

Focus on economy and safety

When it comes to enhance economy and safety for fleets, the correct tyre pressure plays an important role. Schmitz Cargobull offers its own tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for this purpose. Read More

Award winning engineering

Kässbohrer supplies reliable, robust and high-quality tanker and silo vehicles in 10 product groups with more than 100 different vehicles. The sectors covered by Kässbohrer include, foodstuff, raw materials, dangerous good transportation, bulk materials, such as fuel and bitumen as well as construction transportation.
The trailers on show at last year’s NUFAM exhibition merely scratched the surface of Kässbohrer’s extensive tank and silo production range. Read More

TIP is paving the way to sustainability

Disruption usually emerges from various events colliding and bringing forward something that changes the game. Sustainability used to strongly align to ethical principles but would not fit easily with a profit-oriented business. Also, technology would not be able to fulfil the promises given by the sustainability movement. Read More

Making connections

Grunwald is a builder of advanced commercial vehicles from the South Baltic region and is continuously improving its products with new technical solutions. Every passing day the Russian OEM is becoming more of an international enterprise as it delivers semi-trailers and superstructures to more and more locations around the world. Read More

Fresh air

Committed to reducing emissions, improving sustainability and increasing efficiency across the refrigerated transport sector, Carrier Transicold has been lately boosting its strategy to offer innovative solutions to replace fuel motors with the electrification of its refrigeration systems. Read More

Tip top

The S.KI tipper trailer’s steel chassis frames have always been characterised by an ideal balance between weight optimisation, robust durability and tipping stability. Read More

Hyva is on a mission to bring tipping to the 21st century

Hyva is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative and highly efficient transport solutions for the commercial vehicle and environmental service industries. With over 20,000 customers and more than 40 per cent global market share in front-end tipping cylinders, Hyva’s solutions move the world. Read More

Standing the test of time

The road transport industry, in light of supply chain disruption and the need to keep essential services on the move, is as competitive as ever. While the total cost of ownership remains a top priority for fleets, attention is also turning towards the longevity, cost-effectiveness and versatility of modern trucks and trailers. When the time comes to upgrade a heavy vehicle asset, ultimately, it is the residual or resale value that will make the difference between a good investment and an incredible one. Read More