Pressure point

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) market is projected to reach $20.8 billion USD globally by 2025 – a major contributing factor here includes sweeping changes to legislation that will see the mandatory application of TPMS throughout Europe and beyond. Read More

Think beyond the box

Having realised that the tools that make start-ups so nimble and disruptive are not limited to an elusive Silicon Valley elite, long-standing industry incumbents are now proactively ‘re-programming’ internal innovation processes.
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In for the long run

Despite dampened productivity growth and a regulatory environment not conducive to private investment; one specialist manufacturer, based in South Africa, is bucking the trend, and demonstrated premium workmanship and quality in its debut appearance at IAA.
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Telematics’ new dimension

Inspired by the prospect of autonomous driving and V2V communication, the telematics industry’s focus has shifted from facilitating data collection to fundamentally reforming the notion of modern fleet management.
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