Gorica: Flexible formula

By its own admission, Dubai-based GORICA Group’s low bed semi-trailer product portfolio is one of its most important. Specific conditions, including the desert, mean, typically, the low beds are tailor-made
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Expansion mindset

Post-war socialist Yugoslavia was not typically a place where someone could discover their passion for entrepreneurship or learn to embrace innovation, but Ivan Fornazaric considers himself lucky to have grown up with parents who believed in the rewards of progress and were willing to take big risks to get them. Read More

Fire and ice: GORICA

The last 20 years has seen huge advancements within the Middle Eastern refrigerated transport industry, and it has moved leaps and bounds from the era of perishable goods being covered with ice in the back of trucks. Read More

Dubai bling: GORICA tankers

The tanker and silo vehicles that GORICA Group supplies to the Middle East and African markets vary considerably depending on the specific freight task, industry and are typically made from either carbon steel, aluminium or stainless steel. The vehicles are then categorised by target industry. Read More

Heavy duty duties in the Middle East

The standard GORICA road tanker range includes aluminium fuel tankers for the transportation of liquid petroleum products, aluminium flour bulkers fitted with discharge blowers for the transportation and distribution of flour, aluminium grain hoppers for moving bulk commodities, aluminium animal feed bulkers for carting various grades of feed and aluminium food grade tipper semi-trailers for bulk wheats. Read More

GORICA is driving positive change

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the entire Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) of countries currently lack regulation for the transportation of perishable goods. GORICA Group would like to see something similar Europe’s ATP in action. There are practically zero regulations for refrigerated transport like refrigerated semi-trailers. Read More

Arabian adventure

Dubai-based trailer manufacturer, GORICA, draws on its European supplier connections to produce world-renowned heavy duty tippers and specialised equipment. Read More

Diligent in Dubai

The growing demand for bigger and safer tipping semi-trailers in the Middle East and Africa is a trend that GORICA is on top of. As the region calls for greater road regulation and equipment weight allowances, the specialised trailer and body builder consistently rises to the challenge.
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How Gorica is keeping it cool

Celebrating 25 years in business in 2016, Dubai’s Gorica Group has matured into a globally competitive OEM that is dominating much of the Middle Eastern transport equipment market. Where to from here?
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