High quality GRP for tanks

Brianza Plastica, the Italian Company with 60 years of history in the production of fibreglass laminates, counts today four production sites, with both continuous hot-laminating and discontinuous cold-laminating procedure to meet the different needs of customers in a fast growing and increasingly demanding market. Read More

Bright as day

With a light intensity of up to 3,000 lumen and 5,700 Kelvin, similar to sunlight, the power packs from the new product range promise a lot when it comes to light, regardless of whether they are controlled in segments, dimmed or switched individually or illuminated at 360 degrees. Read More

Central intelligence

In January 2015, JOST took over Mercedes-Benz Trailer Axle Systems and became an important manufacturer of truck and trailer axles in Europe. The latest innovations on offer is the command steer axle ZGA. In addition, the new DCA-U6 brake was also launched. Read More

Sustainable & award-winning

SAF-Holland’s electric axles for regenerative braking and traction assistance protect the environment – in production as well as during the journey itself. Read More

The art of integration

In 1995, Hendrickson launched INTRAAX, a paradigm-shifting system that changed how the industry viewed trailer suspensions and asserted Hendrickson as a leader in air suspension technology. Read More

Standing the test of time

The road transport industry, in light of supply chain disruption and the need to keep essential services on the move, is as competitive as ever. While the total cost of ownership remains a top priority for fleets, attention is also turning towards the longevity, cost-effectiveness and versatility of modern trucks and trailers. When the time comes to upgrade a heavy vehicle asset, ultimately, it is the residual or resale value that will make the difference between a good investment and an incredible one. Read More

SAF-Holland Dubai supports the Middle East & Africa

Prior to joining SAF-Holland, Jean Khoury has held various positions in technology, including 14 years as the head of a design department and two years as a service manager. Today he is Managing Director of SAF-Holland’s Dubai branch. The firm is also celebrating 10 years of operation. Read More

Solutrans 2021 preview

Under the patronage of the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, biennial trade fair Solutrans 2021 is the place to be for the latest in heavy and light commercial vehicle innovation. the event will be held 16-20 November at Eurexpo. Read More

Reverse engineering

Aspöck Systems has always been at the forefront of technology in vehicle lighting and safety systems. The Aspöck Ramp Distance Control (RDC), according to the manufacturer, has been hugely successful in protecting the rear of vehicles from damage when reversing towards loading docks – fleets clearly see the reduction in damage and incurred costs as a result. Read More

On the right track

From May 2021, JOST World – the manufacturer and supplier of safety-relevant systems for the commercial vehicle industry – will publish a new clip on the JOST World social media channels on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook every 14 days on Wednesdays. Read More