The first decade

Since the founding of Global Trailer in 2011, the magazine has consistently focused on supporting the international trailer manufacturing scene through the provision of timely reports and in-depth analysis of the sector’s most influential and emerging voices. It is the imperative of the editorial team to meet the needs of the global road transport industry and the diversity of its information requirements via expertly filtered data in both print and online formats in the interests of providing a trusted business resource. Read More

Changing the game

The ever-industrious CIMC Vehicles is supporting local industry with its tried-and-true portfolio of trailing equipment. In particular, the Chinese manufacturer’s low bed trailers are in active service, facilitating the safe and timely movement of heavy machines such as diggers to and from infrastructure development sites. Read More

Driving new values

Since September 2015, CIMC Vehicles SA has produced trailers that are reported to elevate the level of quality and service seen in South Africa. The OEM’s focus, according to CEO, Joheine Els, is on constantly refining its trailers to be innovative, efficient and capable. Read More

Capital gains

To facilitate the rising demand in China’s logistics sector, in March 2021, CIMC Vehicles released the brand of CIMC LIGHT TOWER by DCVC (its first light tower plant), aiming to bring the high-end van-trailer products with technical advantages from overseas market to China market. Read More

The China hustle

To enhance its road transport products and improve the group’s core competitiveness, CIMC Vehicles is following a series of growth trends and leading the way in high-end manufacturing.
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Where eagles dare

CIMC Intermodal Equipment rebranded to CIE Manufacturing in January this year. This reinvention follows a significant production milestone for the US-based OEM as it expands its domestic manufacturing capabilities.
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A force of one

Frank Sonzala, President and CEO of CIMC Intermodal Equipment, is leading the North American trailer market with an optimistic attitude, backed by quality, innovative developments in skel manufacturing and production infrastructure. Global Trailer gets in touch to learn more about the future of intermodal.
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A call to action

As the world’s top trailer builder in terms of combined vehicle output, CIMC Vehicles is turning to intelligent manufacturing to transition away from the ‘Made in China’ stigma associated with its mass production achievements.
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Quality comes first

Belgian tanker specialist, LAG Trailers, is focused on ramping up production but not at the expense of build quality. With the backing of parent company, CIMC, the OEM reflects on its legacy and outlines its ambitious future.
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A global operation

Chinese powerhouse, CIMC Vehicles, continues to expand, tackling numerous industry challenges head-on. The OEM shared some recent experiences in the lead-up to the 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show.
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