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American anthems: Brianza Plastica

Effective 26 June 2023, James Witty (previously Vice President of Sales) assumed the role of President of Brianza USA Corporation, taking over from Filippo Milani, who has been leading the US division since its establishment in 2014 until the present day. Read More

Green game changer

In an environmentally conscious world, where every per centage point can make a difference, up to a 40 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions is a big figure, whether you are using fossil fuels or not. Read More

CEVA announces joint venture

A new player, according to CEVA Logistics, will offer a fully integrated service combining e-commerce marketplace technology and high performance logistics. Read More

Robotics ready: CGS

That Albert Grunenfelder would make of robots taking up residence in the company he co-founded with Esmat Al-Saady in the 1970s will never be known, but as an innovator himself, chances are he would be impressed. Read More