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Right from the start

Q:How is the business tracking with its long-term strategic goals?
A: On both the regional and global level, our long-term strategies are tracking extremely well with the direction and demand of all our markets.

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Schmitz Cargobull unveils IAA preview

For aerodynamic road transportation, the German OEM offers its EcoGeneration vehicles with lathe-free Power Curtain for rapid loading and unloading, sensors that detect height adjustments and transfer this data to the telematics system, an aerodynamic storage box and interior lighting for improved occupational safety.

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Heavy duty duties in the Middle East

The standard GORICA road tanker range includes aluminium fuel tankers for the transportation of liquid petroleum products, aluminium flour bulkers fitted with discharge blowers for the transportation and distribution of flour, aluminium grain hoppers for moving bulk commodities, aluminium animal feed bulkers for carting various grades of feed and aluminium food grade tipper semi-trailers for bulk wheats.

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