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Down Dakota way

Legislators in North Dakota are expected to back a repeal of length and weight restrictions on truck and trailer combinations. This would be one step closer to seeing road trains operate on US roads in that region. Read More

At the tipping point of cylinder safety

The lifting cylinder of a tipper truck is exposed to regular cycles of heavy loads. Yet it is expected to perform without fault over a long working life. In an industry where profit margins are narrow and equipment failure can be catastrophic, the quality of such equipment must never be in question. Thus, the testing standards set by Edbro for its tipping cylinders are designed to ensure safe, reliable performance under all conditions. Read More

Partnering against pandemic

Kuehne + Nagel has more than 230 good practice certification in the pharmaceutical industry (GxP) operations worldwide, including the US, UK, Denmark, Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Singapore, India, Panama, the UAE and Australia. Read More