Universally light: BPW

The lightest trailer running gear on the market is also one of the most versatile. From tankers to heavy-duty off-road trailers, BPW’s Airlight II modular system enables more payload and less fuel consumption.

In 2021, BPW delivered the lightest trailer running gear on the market, a record that is still unbroken.

The Airlight II and its lightweight components, including a forged aluminium hub and LightTube trailing arm, remains unchallenged to this day, with a weight of less than 370 kilograms per module in the 9-tonne range.

Of course, with lightness also comes versatility. The Airlight II modular system can be used to configure running gear for tankers and silo vehicles in the 9-tonne class, as well as swap bodies or heavy-duty tippers for off-road use with an axle load of up to 12 tonnes.

Whether super-light or super-robust, axle beam cross-sections, brake sizes and the integration of air suspension can be combined for every vehicle application.

Even very low ride heights for low-loaders or special transports can be realised.

Extra revenue for tankers
Less weight means lower consumption and therefore greater economy.

This is particularly evident in three-axle tankers and silo vehicles, whose weight can be reduced by 96 kilograms, thanks to Airlight II and its lightweight components.

Airlight II with lightweight components, forged aluminium hub and LightTube trailing arm is a good choice for weight-sensitive transports. Image: BPW.

This corresponds to transporting an additional 112 litres of heating oil, for example. With a fleet of ten vehicles, an average mileage of 120,000 kilometres/year and an average service life of four years, more than €38,000 in additional revenue is possible.

Every vehicle operator can calculate their own savings in seconds, using BPW’s online amortisation calculator.

Maintenance-free and easy to repair
For on-road use up to 9 tonnes, Airlight II is maintenance-free in operation.

A typical BPW feature is the clamped spring seat arrangement of the air suspension, which has been realised for the first time with a round axle beam. Using laser technology, the contact surfaces of the round axle beam and air suspension can be machined to create a robust connection between the components. Welded axle integration is still available for particularly demanding applications and high axle loads.

The robustness of BPW’s lightweight components is also demonstrated through its warranty services. The 5+3 year ECO Plus warranty applies to running gears from the Airlight II modular system – with no kilometre limit. There is a three-year guarantee on components such as brake cylinders, shock absorbers and air suspension bellows.

The thinking trailer
Since its market launch, BPW has continuously expanded the range of applications and variants of Airlight II. Now the air suspension can be combined with the functions of the new iC Plus running gear generation for predictive vehicle and fleet management.

This includes brake function, brake pad wear and tyre pressure which are analysed, and the optimum time, location and service partner for maintenance are suggested via digital maintenance management.

A digital vehicle file documents all work carried out on the vehicle. Even the axle load and the utilisation of the trailer is displayed in real time.

For BPW it means creating transparency in transport and opens up completely new efficiency advantages for the haulier.

With lightweight components, forged aluminium hub and LightTube trailing arm, Airlight II is the lightest running gear on the market. Image: BPW.
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