Machinery Production Group reaches for the top with SSAB

With their incredible strength and improbable reach, you’ll find these work horses building bridges, working at mine sites and moving cargo at shipping ports. They are even valuable assets in rescue operations, meaning more than anything, mobile cranes need to be strong.

The ability to handle heavy weight and cumbersome sizes is a must when it comes to mobile cranes, but they also need to provide as much reach as possible. For mobile crane manufacturer, Machinery Production Group (MPG), using SSAB’s Strenx structural steel in their vehicle chassis and booms, provides confidence that its cranes are up to the task.

From the product itself, which achieves both lower crane weight as well as higher and farther lifting capacity, to material training and tech support, MPG calls SSAB its go-to company for service, and Strenx is its go-to steel for heavy lifting.

Veysel Alver, the General Manager of MPG, said the company has been using Strenx since it was launched in 2015.

Based in Konya, Turkey, MPG manufactures truck-mounted knuckle boom cranes, truck-mounted telescopic cranes, all-terrain cranes, aerial working platforms, skid steer loaders and tree transplanters, selling them on both domestic and global markets.
According to Alver, Strenx simply outperforms the competition, allowing for higher lifting capacity, longer reach distances and minimised crane weight.

“If anyone asks about high-strength steel, Strenx will be the first brand that comes to mind,” he said, explaining that the industry’s high expectations left the company with no alternative other than using high-strength steels. “We choose Strenx to ensure the quality results we want.”

In mobile hydraulic cranes, the company’s signature product, MPG use a combination of Strenx 960 and Strenx 1100 steel grades in the booms for superior strength, flexibility and reach, and Strenx 700 steel in the chassis. The company, however, is planning to switch to the recently developed Strenx 1300 to further innovate their development process.

“As long as Strenx steel, with its high yield strength and homogeneous internal structure, remains in production, we’re sure to meet our goals,” he said.

MPG’s mobile crane in action. Image: SSAB.

There is also another quality that Strenx provides, said Alver.

An important factor to manufacturers of equipment is the bendability of the material they are working with, something Strenx provides, bending smoothly even at small radii. It’s also a product that is extremely weldable, he adds, another important aspect.

MPG is enthusiastic about regular training, ensuring the steel is being handled properly and production is as successful as possible. The company’s team takes advantage of learning from SSAB’s technical support staff before working on any project with the steel, even as early as the design phase.

“We’ve received all kinds of training, from how to cut Strenx, to how to bend it, to how to handle it in our workshop,” Alver said. “For example, thanks to their training, we’ve learned about the fatigue properties of Strenx, how to improve its fatigue resistance, and how to extend its life cycle. This is reflected in the quality of our products.”

When you combine the technical training and the My Inner Strenx membership, MPG receives maximum hassle-free production efficiency. The membership, he said, ensures every process that involves handling Strenx, whether it is cutting, bending, welding or even painting, has quick and accurate support from SSAB engineers.

“They help us control, verify and approve all the processes,” he said. “Thanks to this program, we gain significant advantages, especially in the global export markets where we want to establish a presence.”

MPG manufacturers its mobile cranes using Strenx structural steel. Image: SSAB.
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