Line of vision: Aspöck Systems

They might have a funny name but the Hamburger Lamp, the round taillights that resemble the fast-food icon, has an important function. Leading producer of lighting systems for the commercial vehicle industry, Aspöck Systems, has brought the hardworking light back, complete with a new design and new name

Full LED and slimmer than ever, Aspöck Systems has launched its new edition of the classic Hamburger Lamp, and it is proving to be a visually unique offering.

The Ecoround taillight has been designed using Aspöck Systems’ familiar glowing body technology which creates a large and homogenous light image emphasising the company’s commitment to safety both in a work environment and in road traffic.

Its range of applications is diverse, which means it can be mounted on trucks, trailers, caravans, car trailers and agricultural or construction machinery. It is also weather resistant and durable, increasing its scope to include even the toughest working areas.

The Ecoround lamp can be mounted vertically or horizontally in combinations of double, tripe and quadruple, as permitted by law.

Ecoround is rarely fitted on its own. In a duo or triple, they are perfectly complemented by the Flatpoint IV series and the FlexLED number plate holder, which are essential components of any trailer lighting concept.

Flatpoint IV
Over the years, trailer lighting has evolved into a safety-first package, responsible for supporting its driver, other drivers as well as vulnerable road users on two wheels or on foot. The Flatpoint IV position light series therefore supplements the Aspöck combination rear lights with the legally required light sources that are still missing – a side marker light in orange, a taillight in red and the marker light in white.

The latest Light Guide technology is used in all versions. Corresponding light control points ensure three-dimensional illumination and a modern lighting design. As Aspöck’s safety concept is a top priority in every single development, the light emission surface has been significantly increased on top of this. The beam angle of all three models has been more than doubled compared to the versions currently available on the market.

FlexLED number plate holder
The FlexLED number plate holder finalises this trailer lighting concept with two functions, one product and a simple installation. Slim and universally applicable, it combines with electrical contacting, and benefits from waterproof connections AMP and Superseal as well as Aspöck connection system ASS2 or P&R.

The bracket offers the highest protection class IP6K9K. Vibration testing and ADR certification, combined with the successful 480-hour saltwater spray test, confirm its sturdy design and durability. It couldn’t be simpler – both the number plate and the number plate holder itself can be clamped with Aspöck’s own smart quick-mounting system, making changing them out a simple.

The illuminated number plate holder is suitable for all EU number plates with a height of 110 and 120 mm and is equipped with the FlexLED medium LED strip light component.

Aspöck Systems GmbH

  • Owner and CEO Karl Aspöck.
  • Key figures for fiscal year 2022/2023.
  • €165 million sales at Austrian HQ | 390 employees.
  • €230 million sales volume of the Aspöck Group | 1400 employees.
  • Export quota 94 per cent.
  • 8 sales subsidiaries | 4 production locations.
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