Let it slide: Versus-Omega

They may start out in a quaint and quiet region of Belgium, but Versus-Omega products can be seen on roads and highways across the globe. A visual delight, these sliding systems are also a crucial component of transport trailers.

From a simple sliding roof design, Erik Rogiers has rapidly taken his product to the world.

Founded in Genk, Belgium in 2005, Rogiers, with just four employees and a thousand square-metres of production and storage capacity, had a clear vision for his one and only product – the Omega sliding roof.

Since then, Versus-Omega has become a leading manufacturer of sliding roofs, lifting systems and side sliding systems for the trailer sector.

Today, you can find the company in Oudsbergen, Belgium with ten times the amount of capacity, as well as six branches throughout Europe. There are 120 employees working in the company.

This strategic expansion within Europe allowed the company to increase its market share and be closer to its customers. Each subsidiary has contributed to the larger whole, making Versus-Omega a respected player in the trailer industry.

In 2023 Versus bought the Kits division from the Titgemeyer group in Germany, a leading company in fastening technology, which led to the foundation of Versus-Deutschland.

Versus-Omega has since begun specialising in complete kits and included aluminum and steel frames, top flaps for tail lifts and rear doors in its portfolio.

With this move, Versus has not only further strengthened its market position in Germany, but it has also been able to introduce these new products in Europe and beyond.

Versus-Omega is currently active on all continents through a number of strategic partnerships, having entered markets in countries such as Korea, Japan, Australia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru. In many of these countries, it supplies complete superstructures.

A key area where Versus-Omega is steadily taking on market share is in Turkey where the company has begun providing complete superstructures to several major trailer builders in the region. The quality service on offer is customised to meet the specific customer requirements.

Versus-Omega has distinguished itself in a competitive market by responding to the needs of its customers through innovation, reliability and the development of high-quality products and services, said Founder and CEO, Erik Rogiers.
“Our unique selling point is our flexibility,” he said. “As the only family-owned player in the market, we are able to quickly adapt to changing market needs and offer personalised solutions that meet the unique requirements of each customer.”

Omega sliding roof
Versus-Omega has an extensive range of products, but it is one of its first products – the Omega sliding roof – that still remains the most successful. The Omega sliding roof is offered in a range of variants, allowing it to be adapted to individual needs and preferences. Available with different roof profiles, each offer their own unique aesthetics and functionality and allows customers to combine and experiment to find the perfect solution.

Axces lift system
The Axces lifting system is an advanced mechanism that allows users to raise the roof of their vehicle, which can be done manually or automatically. The manual option requires only a small physical effort from the user, while the automatic option fully automates the lifting of the roof, providing ease and efficiency. In addition, the system also offers the possibility to drive elevated with the ‘lift & drive’ option. This means that the vehicle can drive while the roof is raised, providing additional loading space.

Versus Penta slider system
This easy and quick opening sliding tarp system slides both the top and bottom in an aluminum rail, owing its name to the roller specially developed for this system.

The Penta roller, with five wheels, ensures that the side tarp glides through both rails without any friction, causing the tarp to make a seamless wave motion when opening, and then folds up very tightly.
Unlike a traditional sliding tarp system, the Versus Penta works without buckles which means no holding onto blowing open tarps and tightening dirty buckles.

The Omega sliding roof. Image: Versus Omega.
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