Flexible line up: Krone

Krone Commercial Vehicle Group covers the most important segments in road freight transport with what it calls its ‘Liner Family’, a range that offers safe handling, tested construction components and first-class workmanship. What really sets them apart, however, is the flexibility they afford to anyone using them.

From the all-rounder Profi Liner to a very specific Paper Liner or Coil Liner, Krone has a flatbed semi-trailer for just about every application and each are demonstrating efficiency through flexibility, which is good news in an often-challenging sector.

Case in point is the intermodal approach – shifting some road transport to rail, and having a trailer fully equipped for rail loading.

With research showing train transport can be a sustainability solution, Krone has developed a number of solutions including its Profi Liner piggyback, designed with special equipment for rail loading.Sturdy gripper edges, a double tarpaulin cover and a folding side collision guard provide the platform semi-trailers with robust equipment. To prevent damage to the axle during loading and unloading, the spring bellows lift off the support during the loading process and are not pulled apart.

There is also optional equipment for ferry transport. A delta rubber profile on the coupling carrier or optional protective bars on the refrigeration unit protect sensitive components on the front wall during the usually rough handling of the trailers in the harbour.Of course, if you don’t want to load the whole trailer, there is the swap systems that offer a range of options.

The Cool Liner Isowall. Image: Krone.

Here are a few more examples of Krone’s adaptable and efficient solutions from within the Liner family.

Cool Liner
As a refrigerated transport solution, one of its best features is its continuous chassis which provides optimised insulation and energy efficiency.

Built with an intelligent control system, it adapts seamlessly to different requirements and conditions. It offers the option of transporting different load types at different temperatures thanks to customisable partition walls and a two-tier design is ideal for transporting non-stackable loads.

Swap Liner
A type 1 long truck for transporting two C 745 swap bodies, it has a patented hybrid frame neck enabling a low-neck height of just 85mm under the swap body. Drivers also appreciate the Swap Liner’s good guiding function for the front bridge when bridging.

Dry Liner
The Dry Liner box semi-trailers are designed for tough everyday transport. That could be textiles, electronics, paint, parcels or even furniture. Krone manufacturers this all-rounder in four basic models with different side wall types: the smooth steel side wall body with cinched side walls, the plywood side wall body, the lightweight plastic side wall and the Dry Liner SDK LI with light insulation for temperature-sensitive goods.

Box Liner
Krone has set new standards with this universal container chassis which can change the wheelbase via the centre extension and therefore accommodate all container sizes. The entire new Box Liner generation is now equipped with rear extension and optional front extension.

New gen swap Bodies
Krone has announced it will launch a new generation of steel, smooth-wall swap bodies that offer greater stability, protection against damage and are easier to use.

The front wall is now slightly recessed at the top, creating sufficient space even when cornering. In addition, the collision guard has been extended to 1,300mm at the bottom. The new embossing in the front and side rails provides more stability in the body, which also offers better protection for stickers and contour markings. The rear and front corner stanchions have also become more stable and are now extended down to the floor.

The corner fittings have been modified, now offering an integrated support leg rest, which can be operated from the outside and is fitted with a hand-friendly rubber coating.

Krone’s intermodal approach. Image: Krone.
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