Randon launches 75th anniversary trailers

To celebrate 75 years of history, Brazil-based OEM, Randon, a Randoncorp company, has launched a special commemorative trailer series.

The commemorative line features all of Randon’s technology and performance, the products come in the special colour ‘New R 75’ and have a distinctive finish and gold details. They also come with a certificate and personalised plaque with the client’s name or logo. The transporter that purchases a product from the limited series will also have Randon Smart technology available on board and exclusive spare parts plans in the first year.

“In these 75 years, as we stated in the motto of the promotional campaign, we have pushed history forward,” said Randon Chief Operating Officer, Sandro Trentin.

“We want, with exclusive actions like this special series, to value the long-standing relationship with our clients. To celebrate this achievement, we present several new features that elevate our history and embrace the new moment we have reached.

Randon exports semi-trailers and has an international network of 190 distribution points.

In addition to the commemorative line, Randon also launched a campaign for the internet that portrays the brand’s legacy, narrating the past, present and future through research carried out at the Randon Memorial. Among the attractions of the production are the artificial intelligence resources to reconstruct exciting historical moments that show the development of the business over more than seven decades of operation.

Image: Randon.
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