Lecitrailer details tour experience with French distributors

Spain-based OEM, Lecitrailer, completed its ‘Lecitrailer Tour Experience’ convention with French distributors and dealers last month.

For three days, from 17-19 June, attendees had the opportunity to see first-hand the company’s facilities in Casetas, Zaragoza, as well as enjoy the rich Aragonese culture and gastronomy.

The event began with a visit to the Lecitrailer factory. Participants were able to closely observe the production process, the innovative technologies used in the manufacture of semi-trailers, as well as see an exhibition with the latest vehicle developments.

Image: Lecitrailer.

This visit was a valuable occasion to strengthen the links between Lecitrailer and its French distributors, sharing knowledge and experiences that will contribute to improving collaboration and service to the end customer.

In addition to the business focus, the convention included moments dedicated to culture and leisure. Attendees enjoyed a tasting of typical products of Aragonese gastronomy, highlighting the quality and variety of local flavours.

Later, the convention moved to the Pyrenees, a place of natural beauty. During this trip, attendees visited the emblematic cathedral of Jaca and the historic Ciudadela, two jewels of Aragonese cultural heritage.

Image: Lecitrailer.
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