Autonomous multimodal supply chain project underway in Europe

The European-Union-funded research project, AUTOSUP, aims to develop multimodal automatic freight transport solutions and improve operations between Trieste and the Port of Antwerp – Bruges.

The project commenced in June and is expected to run for 36 months with a team of 17 partners including INLECOM, ESC, Procter and Gamble, FIT Consulting, Vlaams Istituut Voor de Logistiek, Gruber Logistics and VLTN.

AUTOSUP focuses on several strategic objectives such as defining automation requirements, empowering stakeholders with a decision support system, the support of transition paths to automation, the design of new models for autonomous logistics and validating solutions.

Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe (ALICE) has joined the project to leverage its expertise in logistics innovation and collaboration. Specifically, it aims to accelerate the transition to net zero emissions in logistics.

ALICE’s involvement is reported to ensure alignment with European Commission goals, the facilitation of stakeholder engagement as well as the adoption of the Physical Internet concept for efficient, sustainable logistics networks.

In other news, a study highlights an optimistic path for the zero emission transition.

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