Swing low

Whether it is a low bed, low bed platform or a low loader, Kässbohrer has a manufacturing facility dedicated to these trailers and quality processes and premium materials are key.

Kässbohrer’s robust, long vehicle life and high functionality low bed trailers are among the top two choices of European heavy haulage transportation.

Operational since 2019, the dedicated low bed facility in Adapazari, Turkey has one of Europe’s highest annual production capacity of 2,500 low beds in double shifts. Operating with Industry 4.0 principles, it is equipped with latching cranes complete with RIFD tracking, automated surface preparation and paint cabins, as well as metalisation facilities for partial and full metallisation of the vehicles for longest product life.

Image: Kässbohrer.

Because of this, Kässbohrer can offer long vehicle life and high functionality, in fixed, extendable, jumbo, hydraulic low bed, low loader and low bed platform series.

Kässbohrer is constantly developing its product range. This includes extensions (including single, double and lateral extensions), steering type, number of axles, main dimensions such as platform length, width, and height as, well as hydraulic gooseneck options.


The K.SLL 2 has been reengineered with innovated processes and components to offer the lowest low loader to accommodate the maximum height on heavy-haulage transportation. It has a ground clearance of only 100mm, allowing for the highest abnormal goods to be safely transported without the need for special permits.

With two axles, it comes with detachable gooseneck shortening loading operations of bulky goods while enhancing operational safety with front-loading capability.

With its special pool length of 6.810mm and kingpin capacity of up to 24 tonnes, the K.SLL 2 provides flexible transportation of tall and heavy goods with no requirement for additional permission.

Image: Kässbohrer.

Extendable by a maximum 5.550mm, it is equipped with hydraulic axles of 12 tonne capacity each with a turning angle of 42°, to provide maximum maneuverability under the toughest road conditions.

With its strong chassis and robust construction, the K.SLL 2 is designed for the reliable and on-time transport of heavy haulage and abnormal goods.

K.SLH series

The K.SLH series is engineered for the extreme heavy-haulage transportation, delivering peak performance even at the fiercest road conditions. It is designed to comfortably transport all goods in the below-55-tonne category, by optimal weight distribution, hydraulic steering axles and hydraulically adjustable neck.

The series comes in three to six-axle configurations with single or double extension options that are easily maneuverable by progressive hydraulic steering, wireless remote steering control and auto-alignment systems.


The K.SLH 4, an extendable, hydraulically steered low bed with four axles, transcends the limits of engineering with its high manoeuvrability even on the narrowest curves in rural areas.

With up to 6.200mm extendable, strong, and flat chassis the K.SLH 4 provides flexible and safe transportation for high and heavy loads. To minimise the defects, the manometers located on the gooseneck and easy-to-access installation, enables diagnosis of the breakdowns.

The automated central lubrication system is specially designed to minimise the maintenance cost in long-term usage. It offers multifunctional and flexible transportation capability with various lashing rings with 8-to-13.44 tonne capacity, 4 x 2 rows of vertical pillar pockets and pillar pockets on side raves.

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