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A safe and precise coupling process is not a matter of skill, it’s a matter of technology. This is why JOST is supporting the job of truck drivers with the latest in safety technology and smart assistance systems through a more efficient and comfortable connection.

Truck drivers play a crucial role in global transportation. It is a challenging and demanding role that requires attention, precision and responsibility.

Part of JOST’s job as leading vehicle equipment manufacturer and supplier of safety-critical systems for the commercial vehicle industry, is to make a driver’s job as easy and as safe as possible.

Image: JOST.

Coupling and uncoupling is one aspect of commercial trucks and trailers that is still a time-consuming, cost-intensive process and not without danger. With that in mind, JOST has introduced its innovative King Pin Finder which consists of a camera integrated in the fifth wheel coupling that supports the coupling process by sending images to the dashboard in the driver’s cabin.

“Truck drivers have to pay attention to many details,” said Vice President Product Development at JOST, Michael Fischer. “The King Pin Finder offers an optimum view of the king pin and the trailer plate in all driving situations.”

Securely integrated, the King Pin Finder helps to approach the trailer in a targeted manner, even when approaching at an angle. It determines the lifting point of the towing vehicle and avoids coupling errors. With this application, the King Pin Finder not only enhances safety and convenience but prevents vehicle damage to the towing vehicle or trailer.

This is because this latest assistance system allows the driver to find the ideal coupling height and to manoeuvre the truck perfectly. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for difficult coupling situations and frequent coupling processes.

When using the reverse gear, the King Pin Finder activates automatically. The system assists by displaying a live camera image in the driver’s cabin when driving backwards, making the coupling process considerably easier.

On top of this, the King Pin Finder’s intuitive handling assists drivers when changing trailers – thereby preventing accidents and damage to the fifth wheel coupling and king pin, as well as the truck and trailer. The JOST solution specifically addresses the driver shortage not only by safety enhancement, but it also reduces the departure control time.

Image: JOST.

The King Pin Finder is compatible with all JOST safety features such as the sensor system for an ideal safety package.

Additionally, it is applicable to all common JOST fifth wheels such as the KKS 42, part of the automatic coupling system KKS.

Harsh conditions do not pose a challenge for the King Pin Finder as the operating temperature range is -30°C to 70°C. It also offers the best possible perspective on the coupling process, with a viewing angle of 89(H) / 52(V) / 103(D)

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