Röhlig Logistics launches new reporting platform

Röhlig Logistics has expanded its digital portfolio with an all-in-one reporting solution for air, sea and road shipments.

From costs to transit times and delivery reliability, the platform comes with a set of pre-defined key performance indicators. Shipments can be tracked across milestones, filtered by a variety of parameters, including shipment type, consignee or carrier.

Röhlig Insights also offers enhanced sustainability tracking for each shipment leg and the overall journey and adapts to the needs of global business with support for more than 40 international currencies.

“Röhlig Insights provides our customers with a real-time overview of past, current and future shipment data at a glance,” said Chief Digital Officer, Conrad Franchi. “This streamlined data access makes it easier than ever to pinpoint optimisation opportunities and cut down on shipping expenses.”

The platform also requires no prior training and sets high standards in terms of data security.

“When developing the platform, we paid special attention to user-friendliness and an intuitive interface,” said Digital Solutions Director, Mark Conway. “Our customers can analyse their shipments from day one, giving them the information needed to keep up to date at all times. Additionally, clients benefit from simplified user management, allowing them to set customised access levels and permissions.”

In other news, Kuehne+Nagel will provide new transport service options for medical technology devices.

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