Fire away with Brianza Plastica

With a substantial investment put into a new research and development laboratory, Brianza Plastica has created an exciting range of fire-resistant products.

A company ethos of constant evolution has kept Italy’s Brianza Plastica on the cutting edge of product development and its most recent release is proof of that.

After more than 60 years of experience in the production of fibreglass laminates in sheets and rolls, the company decided to expand with a new research and development laboratory.

Three times bigger than its predecessor and with a significant increase in staff, it is here that the Brianza team were able to develop an entire range of grp flat laminates that are completely fire-resistant and compliant with international fire rating standards.

The Elyplan Fire Performance range can be put on vehicles both horizontally or vertically, and are expected to be most useful when it comes to commercial transport.

Image: Brianza Plastica.

After careful research and analysis, in partnership with its clients, Brianza Plastica developed the R118 and B476 range of grp flat laminates. These products combine all the main properties of the Elyplan range, such as flatness and tight dimensional tolerances, with the flame-retardant requirements of the automotive and building new e-mobility markets.

In particular, the Elyplan Fire Performance R118 is a range of grp products compliant with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s regulation R118, annexes 6,7 and 8. Thanks to this compliance, Brianza Plastica’s fire performance laminates can be placed on vehicles such as buses, private or public transport.

Brianza Plastica’s Elyplan Fire Performance grp laminates are also compliant with the British Standard Norm BS 476 part 7, which regulates the fire test on building materials and structures. Thanks to this norm, the grp flat laminates are appropriate for the construction of stables or small prefabricated houses, as they provide added assurance about the overall safety of the building in case of fire.

Due to the increasing demand of the market, the range has obtained two important European certificates in the fire-resistant norms’ framework – D-s2, d0 and B-s1, d0. With this in mind, Brianza Plastica is able to produce Elyplan Fire Performance laminates in a thickness of 1.5 mm and 2.00 mm. This product is mostly placed on commercial vehicles, specifically those transporting hazardous materials such as explosives, ammunition or chemicals.

All of these new developments couldn’t have occurred without the research labs that offer modern equipment, allowing fundamental testing. One of the core sections is the instrumental laboratory where analysis equipment such as a dynamometer, Xenotest, viscometer, optical microscope and fire testing apparatus allows for precise tests and analysis, including the characterisation of the finished products.

Image: Brianza Plastica.

The other important area is the chemical laboratory, where Brianza Plastica staff carry out the main product formulation activities by simulating the production process and analysing both incoming raw materials and the finished products.

The company said this new lab and instruments couldn’t have come at a better time, explaining that worldwide fire rating standards have increased in the past few years within both the construction and transportation industries.

Brianza Plastica was founded in 1962, established as a manufacturer of fibereglass laminates for the industrial and commercial sectors and has continued to expand its production, operating mainly in the construction sector.

Important know-how and expertise acquired over the years and the demand for grp laminates with better characteristics, have made its fibreglass laminates suitable for recreational and temperature-controlled vehicles.

Between 2006 and 2008, the company built two new production facilities equipped with discontinuous laminating technologies and expanded the main production site of Carate Brianza, Italy, with the introduction of a new continuous laminating production line.

Brianza Plastica is currently one of the main European manufacturers of fibreglass laminates in sheets and rolls and also the only company able to offer flat laminates made with two production technologies— continuous hot laminating and discontinuous cold laminating. In 2014, it opened the commercial-logistics centre of Elkhart, Indiana to serve the entire US market and to strengthen its presence in that territory.

In summer 2016 a third production site for discontinuous grp laminates was established in Rovigo, Italy, together with a new continuous plant in Carate Brianza. These productive investments increased the production capacity by 40 per cent.

At the beginning of 2019, the new chemical laboratory was inaugurated, almost tripling the previous surface area, and significantly improving the equipment used to carry out most of the chemical-physical tests, on both raw materials and finished products.

Today Brianza Plastica supplies fibreglass laminates which are able to satisfy all market requirements. With its four production sites dedicated to fibreglass laminates, the group is in a position to offer a comprehensive service to the sector for the next few years.

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