SAE-SMB: Tried and tested

With a history spanning 70 years, SAE-SMB Industries has managed to maintain a partnership of trust with its historic suppliers, but its true strength comes from its engineering innovations.

SAE-SMB’s engineering aptitude has solid historical roots. Its story begins in 1947 when three technicians specialising in mechanical engineering began the production of axles for industrial vehicles.

The new company, Société Ardennaise d’Essieux, (SAE) grew rapidly due to the know-how of its three creators. Over the years, SAE has become a leader in the production of industrial axles in the French market, gaining a prestigious position on the European market, due to the quality and reliability of its products.

SAE became trademark of reference for axles and “turnkey” suspensions both mechanical and pneumatic, particularly appreciated by the manufacturers of special trailers, low loaders, tankers, dump and forestry trailers.

Meanwhile SMB was founded in the 1970s and was the exclusive supplier of axles and suspensions for all trailers of the General Trailers group (Fruehauf, Benalu, Trailor) and Titan,

In 2006, the two companies, SAE and SMB, merged and then finally in 2013 the ADR Group,

the world’s leading agricultural axles, purchased the company and injected more than €8 million.

In 2018, launching new markets, SAE-SMB Industries established itself in the Middle East and a year later, in its race for international development, it moved into the strategic Asian market with entities in India and China.

Over the years, much of its success can be attributed to an ambitious program of investment in research and development resulting in both quality products as well as valuable technical support.

Here are some of SAE-SMB’s offerings:

Axles with disc brakes

Today, most trucks have disc brakes, therefore the use of the same braking system on the trailer gives uniformity to the behaviour of the road train, improving the feeling of safety of the driver and his driving comfort. The new design for 22.5” offset wheels is the focus of the whole experience in this field.

Axles with drum brakes

Easily adaptable to every kind of construction, SAE SMB’s focus on the needs of special transport is well expressed by the axle with brake 330×160, 11 tonnes capacity and compatibility with 17,5” wheels. The small 300×100 axle braking with 5.5 tonne capacity, is a project targeted for toll-free transport in Germany. The top of the range is the new C1, 14 tonne axle capacity with outboard drum for easy maintenance.

Self steering axles

Tyre wear is reduced on trailers and semi-trailers fitted with self-steering axles, the handling of the truck and its fuel economy is improved. With the self-steering axles, remould tyres can be used with improved safety.


As the heart of technological innovation, research is enhanced with the support and experience of many people, from scientists to the operators. In testing, axles and suspensions are tested both for the structural effectiveness and brake efficiency.

Certified performance

SAE SMB axles meet the ECE-R13 requirements, and their characteristics are recognised both in Europe and in most of the industrialised countries throughout the world.

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