Gorica: Flexible formula

Due to the unique nature of its market culture, operational demands and road regulations, GORICA’s low bed semi-trailers are a vastly important offering, requiring specific design attention.

By its own admission, Dubai-based GORICA Group’s low bed semi-trailer product portfolio is one of its most important.

Specific conditions, including the desert, mean, typically, the low beds are tailor-made to the customers’ specifications. That being said, they can be generally categorised into two types – front and rear loaders.

Image: Gorica Group.

The front loaders have a hydraulically powered front gooseneck which allows special equipment with low clearance, such as trenchers and cranes, to be easily loaded. They have a payload ranging from 80 to 130 tonnes.

The rear loaders, which are more popular, offer flexibility for various types of construction projects and heavy haulage. They tend to range from a 50- to 100-tonne payload and include various types of rear ramps including single, double or full width ramps.

The low bed portfolio also comes in different axle configurations where mechanical under slung suspension is used, or in some cases, air suspension. There are different axle capacities, from 12 tonnes per axle, up to 20 tonnes and when it comes to four or more axles, GORICA can offer force steering solutions allowing smooth operations, especially when space is restricted.

Image: Gorica Group.

Finally for special heavy haulage and specific industries, GORICA offers low bed semi-trailers with hydraulically operated axles with a self-steering function, suitable for skilled operators.

The market

According to GORICA’s General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Domen Bockor, the vibrant trailer market in the Middle East is fuelled by so-called ‘mega and giga projects’ in the construction industry, such as new urban development, Neom, and the Red Sea project, a planned tourism location in Saudi Arabia, as well as numerous activities within the oil and gas sector.

All of these factors make low bed semi-trailers, in various configurations, a hot commodity.

“Currently our order intake and deliveries are above average with very upwards positive trends for the remainder of 2024 and 2025,” Bockor said. “We do also see a trend of higher capacity low bed semi-trailers being required due to the huge sizes of the projects in Middle East.”

Image: Gorica Group.

Beside the local, United Arab Emirates market, GORICA have leading market share in low bed semi-trailer international markets such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar. It also supplies Iraq and the African continent.

“Export markets are becoming increasingly important due to demand and require technical specifications to ‘get the job done,’” Bockor said.

New offerings

One of GORICA’s latest developments is off road, multi-axle (five and six) low bed semi-trailers. The five-axle low bed trailer has air suspension, super single tyres and two force steering axles for soft top-sand haulage with payload of more than 70 tonnes. The six-axle low bed trailer comes with hydraulically steered axles and is the reference for off road, soft top-sand heavy haulage. Both products are part of GORICA Group’s development strategy focused to widen its product portfolio.

The GORICA low bed semi-trailer program stands out for its value, with the best total cost of ownership in the industry, said Bockor.

Image: Gorica Group.

“We offer durability, flexibility of operations, high level of customisation and by far the best re-sale value in the region,” he said, adding that this is compounded by the company’s competitive delivery times and aftersales support service.

“After sales and timely spare part support is the key in this sector as most of the projects are based on milestones and deadlines.”

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