100 Wielton trailers on order

Wielton is working to fill a large, specialised trailer order from transport company, Agromex.

The Polish trailer builder said the order includes 94 MEGA curtainsiders with an intermodal system, as well as 12 extendable container semi-trailers.

“We started cooperation with Wielton 26 years ago, purchasing the first Mega curtainsider trailers,” said Agromex Co-owner, Jacek Frazzka. “The latest investment implemented at AGROMEX is the launch of its own railway connection, which will be used to provide intermodal transport from Karsznice (Poland) to Rotterdam (Netherlands).”

The Curtain Master MEGA semi-trailer with an Intermodal system is ideal for mixed transport of large-sized goods and loads requiring tightness, durability and high loading capacity. It has a reinforced frame and detachable air suspension, as well as appropriate reinforcements in the chassis to enable vertical reloading. The rear edge is protected by roller corner bumpers, and the location of eight ferry handles on the chassis allow it to be transported by ferry.

“Joint development of new solutions and cooperation in testing new vehicles is particularly valuable and allows us to better understand the current needs and challenges faced by carriers,” said Wielton’s Regional Director for Fleet Sales, Ireneusz Golec. “We are aware of how important the development of intermodal transport is today, using the transport of semi-trailers by rail, and how many benefits it brings, which is why our portfolio includes, among others, semi-trailers equipped with an intermodal system or interchangeable systems.”

The first cooperation between AGROMEX and Wielton took place in 1998. In total, the company has purchased more than 200 vehicles from Wielton.

In other news, Family-owned Stoughton Trailers has broken ground on new corporate headquarters.
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