JOST supports autopilot tech startup

JOST has announced it is providing funding to Swiss start-up company, Aitonomi.

The loan will contribute to Aitonomi’s corporate financing, further strengthening its partnership and driving technical growth within the industry, JOST said in a statement.

The two companies are already cooperating on the integration of JOST’s automatic comfort coupling system (KKS) and steering and axle systems with Aitonomi’s AutoPilot. The partnership has already developed fully autonomous transport solutions for depots and port terminals.

“The increasing global demand for automation offers JOST and Aitonomi great opportunities to jointly develop new, intelligent solutions and systems that will combine fully autonomous, electrically powered transportation systems with artificial intelligence and robotics,” said CEO of JOST Werke SE, Joachim Dürr. “JOST has therefore decided to invest in a strategic and financial partnership with Aitonomi to support joint research projects in order to seize these opportunities.”

Founded in 2014, Aitonomi, develops autopilot technology for navigating commercial vehicles. Its products include autonomously driving electric trucks with smart semi-trailers, as well as autonomously driving delivery robots.

“We are looking forward to working with an experienced and established company like JOST that knows the commercial vehicle industry and understands the needs of its customers so well,” said the co-founders of Aitonomi, Torsten Scholl and Xenia Scholl. “The convertible loan will support us in the implementation and scaling of our future projects.”

In other news, trailer builder Librelato’s new technical training centre had a successful first month.

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