SAF-Holland showcases new group members

For the first time, SAF-Holland has presented alongside its most recent company acquisitions with a joint trade fair stand at the Transpotec Logitec trade fair in Milan.

SAF-Holland, Haldex and Tecma held a combined showcase as part of the same group of companies, highlighting solutions for energy transition within the commercial vehicle sector.

From electrification to integration of new drive technologies, energy transition is radically transforming the commercial vehicle industry, said Managing Director of SAF-Holland Italia, Cristiano Sturaro.

“We are proud to be an initiator and driver of the current transition as one of the leading manufacturers for the commercial vehicle industry,” he said. “In times of change, trade fairs are particularly relevant. They combine exciting discourse, innovations and new ways of thinking.”

Image: SAF-Holland.

In addition to the special axle systems and different fifth wheels, the SAF INTRA castor steering axle and the SAF TRAKr electrical regenerative braking axle were popular with trade fair visitors, the company said.

The SAF INTRA castor steering axle, with VSE auxiliary steering, protects the tyres and saves fuel. The Smart Steering gives the vehicle a new level of manoeuvrability, benefiting commercial vehicles moving forward or reversing in urban traffic with reliable steering angle transfer and active steering assistance.

Meanwhile, the SAF TRAKr electric axle for trailers with electric units, such as cooling or pumps, lowers fuel consumption and the emissions of the overall vehicle combination. A high voltage generator unit converts the kinetic energy of the trailer into electrical energy. The generated energy is stored in a Li-ion battery and then used to run the electrical units in the trailer.

In other news, AP Moller-Maersk is expanding its air freight operations’ footprint.


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