Incubated FleetPulse going out on its own

Trailer telematics provider, FleetPulse, is spinning off as an independent company, having secured $11 million (USD) in seed funding.

American trailer manufacturer, Great Dane, incubated the company, beginning in 2017.

“As the first OEM to develop a smart trailer solution, Great Dane is proud of the growth achieved by FleetPulse and are excited that these offerings can now be made available as part of an independent company to push the broader industry forward,” said President and COO of Great Dane, Rick Mullininx.

FleetPulse’s OEM-agnostic telematics platform enables end-to-end visibility into trailer and cargo safety and security. Development on the platform was a result of Great Dane’s own need to improve trailer data insights.

Working with fleet customers who needed to digitise and leverage data across their trailer fleet, Great Dane saw the need to build the technology platform as an independent company.

“FleetPulse is solving a problem that costs trailer operators millions of dollars a year and is delivering real improvements in trailer safety, security and efficiency,” said FleetPulse Advisor, Dan Lewis.

FleetPulse has appointed former Uber Freight executive Carl-Christoph Reckers as Chief Executive Officer.

“We have a huge opportunity ahead of us to transform the trailer from a black box to a smart and strategic asset,” Reckers said. “Building on our incredibly deep roots in the trucking industry and strong tech talent, we are uniquely positioned to create visibility into this underserved area of the supply chain.”

In other news, Constellation Cold Logistics has opened a new 13,000-pallet frozen storage facility.


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