Thermo King buys into eTrailers

Thermo King has announced a strategic collaboration with an electric trailer manufacturer.

Trailer Dynamics said the partnership, which follows a recent agreement with trailer manufacturer, Krone, will drive innovation and accelerate the transition to zero-emission transportation.

Thermo King will provide its industry expertise on electrification and transport refrigeration solutions. The collaboration is expected to enhance logistics capabilities for trade, industry, and freight forwarders hauling fresh and frozen goods.

“We are excited to join forces with Trailer Dynamics and invest together in cutting-edge electrified trailer technology that will help accelerate decarbonisation efforts within the commercial transport industry and cold chain,” said President Thermo King EMEA, Claudio Zanframundo. “We are proud of our bold actions and commitments to the adoption of new technologies and collaborating with other technological pioneers will speed our impact.”

Trailer Dynamic’s eTrailer provides supporting propulsion which reduces diesel and CO2 emission when combined with traditional internal combustion tractors. It also extends the driving range when combined with an electric powered tractor, and has the capability to power electrified or traditional trailer refrigeration units.

By incorporating Trailer Dynamics’ innovative technology, Thermo King will enhance its advanced innovation capability and product portfolio and reinforce its sustainability commitments, the company said.

“The decarbonisation of road freight transport can only succeed fast with strong partnerships,” said the Chairman of Trailer Dynamics’ Advisory Board, Dr. Stefan Binnewies. “With Trane Technologies as a new strategic shareholder in Trailer Dynamics alongside Krone, the necessary transformation is accelerated.”

In other news, logistics provider, GXO, has secured a partnership with Levi Strauss & Co.

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