Dachser to build new warehouse in Germany

The Dachser logistics centre in Karlsruhe has acquired 27,800 square metres of warehousing space in Rastatt.

The new storage site is expected to be built by early 2025 in what the company describes as a strategically favourable location at the Rastatt North freeway junction and in the immediate neighbourhood of the Rhine ports in Karlsruhe.

Dachser is increasing its warehousing capacity in the Middle Upper Rhine logistics region by around 42,000 pallet spaces.

“With the new logistics centre, we were not only able to obtain a location with good transport connections, but also create a sustainable warehouse that satisfies the requirements of customers from a wide range of industries,” said Dachser Contract Logistics Manager, Florian Steinbrunn.

Earlier this month, Dachser announced an acquisition to bolster its food logistics capabilities.

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