SAF-Holland to boost manufacturing capacity in the US

Equipment specialist, SAF-Holland, has announced plans to build a new specialty fifth wheel manufacturing facility in Rowlett, Texas.

The new Rowlett facility is reported to be the next phase of the SAF-Holland manufacturing optimisation and vertical integration strategy to increase capacity output that began with the opening of its Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico plant last August.

SAF-Holland said the new facility, focused on high complexity, high variation specialty fifth wheel manufacturing, will include the current SAF-Holland Wylie, Texas operation. After nearly 50 years, producing more than three million fifth wheels, the Wylie operation will move to the new facility after construction.

Located eight miles (approx. 12.9 kilometres) from Wylie, the new facility will be staffed by its highly skilled, versatile Wylie team in addition to regional offices for advanced manufacturing engineering, product line management and continuous improvement groups.

Starting production 31 August 2025, the new facility’s modern design and features include a full plant HVAC and general advancements in manufacturing optimisation that will produce the FW70, specialty FW35 including no-tilt, Kompensator and ELI-te, and terminal tractor fifth wheels.

“We are excited about this important strategic step toward our future,” said SAF-Holland President – Americas, Kent Jones.

“Investing in new facilities like the Rowlett plant enables us to not only meet additional customer demand but provide state-of-the-art manufacturing facility designed with our employees in mind.”

In other news, SAF-Holland’s preliminary financial figures for the 2023 fiscal year confirm record levels of sales and profitability.

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