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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems have emerged as an effective tool for enhancing road safety and in many jurisdictions are now mandated. Aberg Connect, part of the Wielton Group, is responsible for the development and implementation of telematics solutions in vehicles.

The Wielton Group is one of the three largest manufacturers of semi-trailers, trailers and car bodies in Europe and is reported to be the 10th largest manufacturer of its type in the industry worldwide.

To meet customers’ needs in the field of transport digitalisation, Wielton Group founded Aberg Connect which aims to provide the best telematics solutions available on the market. The company develops telematics solutions and Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for the products of all Wielton Group brands and strengthens its position as the specialist for IT solutions dedicated to the transport industry. Brand products will be available in the European markets where Wielton Group companies are currently present.

This extensive reach ensures that Aberg’s innovative technologies will be accessible to a vast network of fleet managers and drivers, empowering them to optimise their operations and enhance the performance of their vehicles.

“At Wielton Group we are committed to providing innovative solutions that help our customers improve fleet efficiency and transport safety,” said Wielton Group CEO,  Paweł Szataniak.”Introducing our own telematic and TPMS solution was a natural next step in our strategy to digitise our product portfolio. This technology will provide our customers with actionable insights on their fleet’s performance, enabling them to make informed decisions that can lower transport costs, while reducing its negative impact on the environment.”

New TPMS regulations

UN ECE R141 is a regulation that sets out uniform provisions for the approval of vehicles  about TPMS. The regulation states that the driver of the vehicle needs to be alerted in case the tire becomes underinflated. The warning signal must be displayed to the driver within not more than 10 minutes from the occurrence of the event related to pressure loss. This regulation will affect newly registered semitrailers starting from the beginning of July 2024.

Safety and transport efficiency

Aberg Connect telematics solutions enable real-time monitoring of the status of semi-trailers, making it easier to operate and maintain the proper condition of transport assets. They make it possible to track the location of vehicles, their speed, and many other parameters, including axle load and other signals indicating the condition of the vehicle. Analysis of the information obtained in this form contributes to improving transport efficiency, reducing fleet operating costs, and above all, increasing the safety of both drivers and transported loads.

Trailer TPMS can help improve safety by reducing the number of accidents caused by underinflated tires. Underinflation can lead to loss of control of driving a vehicle, increased stopping distances, increased tire wear, and in extreme cases even dangerous blow-outs. Keeping the tire pressure at optimal values will also help improve fuel efficiency which directly translates to savings. Properly inflated tires have less rolling resistance and will therefore lead to lower CO2 emissions.

Telematics solutions from Aberg Connect

Aberg Connect has combined both telematic and TPMS functionality into one system. On top of the basic functionality required by R141, we are providing our customers with access to the state-of-the-art telematic portal – ATP, which stands for Aberg Telematics Portal. It is a web-based platform that provides fleet managers with real-time data and insights into the performance of their semi-trailers.

The portal can be used to monitor a variety of parameters, including. GPS position, EBS data, and the aforementioned TPMS. ATP is a step towards digitalisation of fleet management. Many relevant parameters can be tracked during everyday use, allowing fleet managers to plan and optimise fleet maintenance as well as help with everyday transport operations.

“Digitisation has revolutionised the way our customers manage their transport operations as well as their fleets,” said Aberg Connect Vice President of the Board, Michał Skorupowski. “By seamlessly integrating telematics with our TPMS technology, we have created a comprehensive platform that provides our customers with a wealth of information to optimise their operations, enhance safety, and save money. Our ATP portal is the cornerstone of this digital transformation, providing real-time insights into trailer performance, driving behaviour, and potential maintenance issues. This data-driven approach has enabled us to significantly improve our customers’ fleet efficiency, safety and overall profitability.”

Business optimisation

ATP portal offers an advanced feature that allows users to create personalised and easily configurable alerts based on their specific needs and preferences. This capability is particularly beneficial for fleet managers who want to stay informed about critical events and take proactive measures to prevent potential issues. Each customer can in no time prevent disruptions to their operations by identifying potential maintenance issues before they escalate into major problems. When the issue is detected, a prompt notification (by SMS or E-mail) is sent to the responsible person allowing them to take preventive measures and solve problems before they escalate.

Aberg Connect understands customers’ existing IT landscape. It provides them with open API to allow integration with other systems. This secures undisturbed information flow that supports their everyday business.

The company is also active in the fast-growing discipline of AI. Team of experts is working on future solutions in the field fleet managers optimise the performance and longevity of their semi-trailers, reducing maintenance costs and improving overall fleet efficiency.

The complete selection of Wielton Group products and solutions, including the Aberg Connect brand, will be available to see at the international commercial vehicle trade fair IAA Transportation. The event will take place from September 17-22 in Hannover.

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