CEVA setting up in Dunkirk

CEVA Logistics has signed a contract giving it land to build at the Port of Dunkirk in France.

The 9.5 hectare plot of land on the eastern section of the Port will be used to develop a new finished vehicle logistics operation for import and export by sea.

The site will contain vehicle reception and storage areas, as well as loading and unloading areas for trains and vehicle transport trucks. Development will start in October 2024 and following completion, CEVA expects to handle around 47,000 vehicles a year and to reach an annual volume of 95,000 vehicles by March 2025.

“The launch of the new automotive logistics center at the Port of Dunkirk is a strategic development that will enable us to increase the efficiency and resilience of the supply chains of our customers, exporters and importers,” said the CEO of CEVA Logistics, Mathieu Friedberg. “The new location will enhance the region’s logistics potential, while supporting our customers’ expansion into new markets.”

The construction of a 600 m² workshop will enable on-site preparation operations, including washing, engraving, plate fitting and other detailing and mechanical services to be carried out on 50,000 vehicles per year. A paint shop, using local skilled labor, is also planned, as well as the installation of electric charging stations and a service station.

“With this move, the port will enter a new era, that of electric mobility,” said Chairman of the Board of Port of Dunkirk, Maurice Georges. “Its arrival will enable us to offer a complete range of services to automakers.”

This new activity will be accompanied by the creation of direct jobs, based on the recruitment of 37 people on permanent contracts.  To carry out tasks complementary to its core business, CEVA will call on subcontractors, relying as much as possible on local companies.

In other news, JOST has announced it will be partnering with the European Truck Racing Association.

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