NewCold expands footprint

Food logistics company, NewCold, is expanding in its home country.

A new automated warehouse is already under construction in Dinteloord in the Netherlands and NewCold has recently acquired a family-owned cold storage facility in Kruiningen.

“Due to customer demand, NewCold is expanding its footprint in the Netherlands,” said NewCold CEO and Founder, Bram Hage. “We also see a good opportunity to unlock additional capabilities through refurbishment and deploying NewCold’s proprietary software and automated solutions.”

Since its formation in 2012, NewCold has grown from having warehouses in Germany and France to 15 in several countries on three continents, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. It is moving into new markets, with expansion to India and Canada already announced.

“NewCold has earned its reputation for innovation. We are growing because we deliver high-level service consistently, using automation and proprietary software to cut loading times, costs, and carbon footprints,” Hage said.

In other news, CEVA has opened a facility in Sydney, Australia.


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