Krone locks in digital partnership

With the goal of simplifying communication between trucks and trailers, Krone and logistics platform, RIO, are joining forces.

The two companies have agreed on the collaboration in order to drive forward the expansion of their digital services and enable transport companies to transfer trailer data from Krone Telematics to the RIO platform with immediate effect.

“Thanks to the new cooperation with RIO, we are expanding access to productive digital services for our customers,” said Head of Krone Telematics & Digital Services, Maximilian Birle. “By conveniently integrating truck and trailer data, Krone can further increase efficiency in the transport sector for its customers and thus help them to cope even better with the growing challenges of modern supply chains.”

Munich-based RIO specialises in providing telematics, transport management and driver communication for haulage and transport companies from a single source, regardless of the vehicle manufacturer. Specifically, transport companies can display the combined position data of their trucks from RIO and their trailers from Krone Telematics in a fleet overview on a single digital map or share individual vehicle positions with a customer via a link.

Further telematics data will follow successively over the course of the year.

“There is no question that the full potential of digitalisation can only be realised together,” said RIO CEO, Jan Kaumanns. “The cross-OEM data integration without hardware retrofitting, as we are implementing together with Krone, is a real added value and offers transport companies a practical basis for the digitalisation of their transport processes.”

In other company news, the delivery of Krone vehicles in south-west Germany will now take place using combined transport.

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