From CEO to delivery driver

The CEO of Girteka Transport has left his desk and taken to the open road, driving a fully loaded truck through Europe and delivering cargo to customers.

Mindaugas Paulauskas wanted to understand what it meant to be a driver and what their day truly entailed. Joined by an  experienced Girteka driver, he is navigating his way around Europe, documenting lessons learned in order to bridge the gap between management and the driving community.

“My goal is clear – to be close to our drivers,” said Paulauskas who is sharing his personal thoughts and experiences on social media. “To understand them, and to experience what they are talking about so I can find the best way to improve our operations, benefiting our customers, drivers and the company itself.”

His journey kicked off in Šiauliai, Lithuania and is continuing across Europe.

He hopes to be able to have a closer look  at the trucks, trailers and technologies that make driving and delivering easier and smoother, but also wants to create awareness of today’s road transportation situation — the rising issue of professional driver shortages.

Girteka Transport was established in 1996 in Vilinius, Lithuania with just one truck and a refrigerated trailer unit. Today, the road freight transportation company delivers more than 300,0000 full truck loads annually to 15 countries and is one of Lithuania’s largest employers.

In other news, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has appointed a new Chief Operating Officer CEP Europe. 


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