All-electric reefers land in Italy

LC3 Transport has become among the first fleets in Italy to have emission free refrigerated trailers, with a Schmitz Cargobull delivery.

The electric S.KOe COOL semi-trailers are now in operation, working in collaboration with Lidl Italia, a supermarket chain with more than 730 shops across the country.

“We are pioneers in terms of sustainability and are driving forward the electrification of freight transport in Italy,” said LC3 Fleet Manager, Giuliano Baldassarri. “The S.KOe COOL is an important step on our way to a greener future.”

The refrigerated trailers are part of LC3’s sustainable fleet, as the company focuses on achieving the goal of zero emissions by 2050.

The fleet’s tractor units run on BIO-LNG, an environmentally friendly fuel that reduces CO2 emissions, and it has a growing fleet of liquified natural gas vehicles.

“We see ourselves at the forefront of sustainability and, with Schmitz Cargobull’s all-electric refrigerated trailers, we want to further advance the electrification of freight transport in Italy,” Baldassarri said. “The S.KOe COOL is part of this long-term sustainability strategy and we are delighted to be one of the first Italian hauliers to add this vehicle to our fleet.”

The S.KOe COOL semi-trailer is equipped with a purely electric refrigeration unit with integrated power electronics, a battery system and an axle generator, meaning it operates emission-free. It is also extremely quiet, enabling early morning and late night deliveries in urban areas.

In other news, trailer manufacturer Schwarzmüller Group has appointed a new CEO.

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