Acquisitions lead Walden to Italy

Walden Group, a specialist in healthcare logistics, has entered the Italian market with the purchase of two separate companies.

The French firm has acquired XCM Healthcare, a healthcare logistics company, and Unitex, a temperature-controlled healthcare last-mile network owned by Marzano family and CEO Gaetano Colella.

“I am thrilled to announce what we have achieved together,” said President of the Walden Group, Stéphane Baudry. “We share the same values and entrepreneurial mindset with the Marzano family and the CEO Gaetano Colella. This was certainly a key element in the decision to merge our companies.”

With a 2.4 per cent share of the global market in terms of drug consumption, Italy has always been a Walden focus. Its expertise in the field of R&D, especially in the biotech sector, was also a contributing factor.

In recent years, Unitex has created a transportation network organised around two main hubs strategically located in the north (Milan) and south (Naples) to offer comprehensive national coverage through a consolidated network of twenty-four regional depots.

The network will be incorporated into Eurotranspharma, Walden’s subsidiary specialising in last-mile pharmaceutical solutions, which makes daily deliveries to pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers and other healthcare providers in nine countries.

In parallel, XCM Healthcare has developed a promising healthcare logistics business that will be enhanced by integration within Movianto, Walden’s core healthcare logistics solution, which is already present in twelve European countries.

Movianto provides complete solutions for supply chain management, ensuring a reliable transfer of products from the manufacturer to the patient. Its expertise extends particularly to sensitive healthcare products such as biotechnology, vaccines and in vitro diagnostics.

Italy is the third European country where the group will expand its operations within a year, following the recent extensions of transport activities in Romania and Germany.

“Continuing to expand our presence in Europe is a priority, but we are a flexible organisation and always ready to seize opportunities,” Baudry said. “Therefore, we are ready to grow wherever we can bring value to our customers and new healthcare markets, expanding beyond Europe.”

In other news, SAF-Holland’s preliminary financial figures confirm record levels of sales and profitability.

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