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A new version of SAF-Holland's tyre inflation system – SAF TIRE PILOT I.Q. – is now available.

As part of the continuous development of its products and the changed legislation EU Regulation No. 2019/2144 ECE R 141, SAF-Holland is launching a new version of the tyre inflation system SAF TIRE PILOT I.Q. to the market.

The SAF TIRE PILOT I.Q. constantly monitors the tyre pressure of all tyres mounted on the trailer. If necessary, the system automatically refills the tire pressure to the preset pressure. This extends the service life of the tires, saves fuel costs and avoids complete failures.

In 80 per cent of all cases, these are the causes of tyre failures and increased fuel costs: low tyre pressure and creeping pressure loss in the case of unnoticed run-in damage.  The SAF-Holland tyre inflation system effectively counteracts these possible impairments: It continuously monitors tyre pressure and always keeps it at an optimal level, even while driving or after run-in damage.

Image: SAF-Holland

The SAF TIRE PILOT, available for rigid and steer axles, is connected to the trailer’s compressed air supply. The control unit independently takes over the inflation of damaged or underinflated tires. If necessary, the system communicates via Controller Area Network and Electronic Braking System. A warning message could be sent to the driver on the dashboard.

In addition to the improved, ECE R 141-compliant communication, the individual components have also been revised and optimised. The rotary union on the axle stub – rotor and stator – now features a new and more durable design.

The wheel end components of the SAF TIRE PILOT I.Q. are already pre-assembled on the axle in order to minimise the effort required by vehicle manufacturers. The extent of pre-assembly varies depending on the axle version. The documents for the homologation of the SAF TIRE PILOT I.Q. are now available online.

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