TIP Group part of e-genset pilot project

TIP Group

TIP Group has announced it will partner with a container transport company, launching a 12-month pilot project which will see the replacement of traditional diesel gensets on container chassis.

Tip, and Danish Ancotrans, are hoping the electric powered gensets will mark a significant leap forward in sustainable transportation solutions.

“We’re tackling the challenges of reducing fleet CO2 emissions through active collaboration with partners like Ancotrans,” said TIP Group Vice President for Global Sales and Marketing, Rogier Laan. “The Electric powered genset will simplify the shift away from conventional generators, offering a sustainable alternative for replacing refrigerated diesel generators.”

Featuring a lightweight battery system, the project is aiming for a minimum autonomous runtime of 20 hours. Based on TIP’s previous experience with reefer trailer configurations, even when accounting for door openings, the genset requires only 2.5 hours of charging via a plugin charger.

This innovation not only enhances sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also contributes to creating cleaner and quieter cities, the company said.

The pilot project will delve into the electric powered genset performance and usage and, with a focus on testing the feasibility of exclusive grid charging, seeks to understand autonomy and driver behaviour.

In other news, SAF-Holland has acquired Italy-based axle and suspension system specialists, Tecma Srl.


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