Electric semi-trailer milestone in Chile

The first fully electric sets of semi-trailers and trucks are now in operation in Latin America, transporting ore in Chile.

The historic milestone is the result of a partnership between Brazilian semi-trailer manufacturer, Randon, and Chilean mining company SQM which produces lithium.

“We believe that cooperation and the construction of disruptive solutions are the way forward for the evolution of electromobility,” said Randoncorp CEO, Sérgio L. Carvalho. “We are proud to be at the forefront of this trajectory, together with strategic partners to execute this challenge.”

The units are from the Hybrid R line, built with an e-Sys electric auxiliary traction system, which acts on the recovery of energy generated during descent and braking movements. These movement can generate up to 207 hp of additional power to contribute to traction on climbs and overtaking.

Depending on the application, loading condition and the road traveled, fuel savings can reach 25 per cent, providing less wear and tear on components and contributing to less waste generation and gas emissions into the environment.

In other news, the delivery of Krone vehicles will now take place using combined transport.

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