Partnership brings blueberries to the Middle East

Blueberries from Romania are hitting supermarkets across the Middle East, thanks to an alliance between DP World and fruit producer, Agricrafters.

Romanian fruit producers have traditionally been limited to selling domestically and to neighbours, hampered by the lack of equipment and infrastructure required to ship delicate goods long distances.

“One of our fundamental goals at DP Word is to unlock access to markets and consumers all over the world for our customers, which also helps to strengthen regional economies throughout the world,” said CEO & Managing Director, DP World Europe, Rashid Abdulla.

Romanian Agricrafters was previously selling its produce to other European countries, but their ambitions stretched to the Middle Eastern market. The challenge was to maintain the freshness and nutritional value of the fruit on the long journey.DP World secured next-generation controlled-atmosphere reefer containers, which allow real-time monitoring of CO2, O2, temperature, and humidity levels, with the ability to remotely adjust them if needed.

Since the July-October harvest season last year, 100 tonnes of fresh blueberries have made the trip across the Black Sea to customers in the Middle East already.

Agricrafters aims to expand its Middle East exports tenfold this year, not just with Romanian blueberries, but also with fruits from other European countries like Portugal and Spain.

“When we initially partnered with DP World, we didn’t expect to penetrate a new market so quickly but working with them has unlocked vast new potential for us,” said Agricrafters CEO, George Miclos. “We know this partnership can help us reach new regions and limits in the years ahead.”

Since setting up in Romania in 2004, DP World has been committed to boosting trade for the national and local economies by helping its customers tap into unexplored markets, said CEO, DP World Romania, Cosmin Carstea.

With recent announcements of a €38 million expansion project at Constanta port and a €20 million logistics hub in Aiud, DP World is looking toward greater growth for Eastern Europe businesses seeking to access previously untapped trade routes.

In other news, AIT Worldwide Logistics has announced it’s acquired Global Transport Solutions Group.

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