Save to win

Experience has shown that new regulations in the transport industry often mean more bureaucracy and increased costs. BPW is now turning the tables, using the new UN ECE R 141 regulation to provide vehicle operators with significantly more value and efficiency. The secret lies in the intelligent iC Plus running gear generation.

Anyone that is thinking about buying a new trailer should be aware of the UN ECE R 141 regulation. From July 2024, this stipulates tyre pressure monitoring systems or tyre pressure control systems for all newly registered trailers. As a leading specialist in running gear systems, BPW offers vehicle operators a wide range of legally compliant solutions – from simple to smart.

With the new iC Plus running gear generation, fleet operators make optimum use of the potential offered by the new regulation: it comes with a telematics box as standard, which not only reports deviations from the target tyre pressure to the driver’s cab, but also to the fleet manager in real time.

Image: BPW.

In its simplest configuration, the telematics box can trigger a warning signal in the driver’s cab and send an email to the control centre. More informative is networking with the market-leading transport telematics system Cargofleet3 from idem telematics: this displays tyre pressures in real time on the driver’s smartphone and on the fleet manager’s screen. However, it is more thorough and more efficient to not only to check the tyre pressures, but also to have this regulated fully automatically: the iC Plus running gear also controls and networks BPW’s multi-award-winning AirSave tyre pressure regulation system, which automatically replenishes air when required.

The savings in fuel and tyre wear with AirSave are so significant that the investment is recouped in less than a year. On average, a three-axle vehicle can save around 700 euros a year and 655 kilos of CO2 – vehicle operators can calculate their own savings in euros and cents in a matter of seconds: The Online amortisation calculator from BPW takes into account individual factors such as vehicle type, mileage, number of tyres and much more. Not included in the calculation is the increase in driving and load safety, as punctures can have serious consequences.

The ability to measure and control tyre pressures is just one of the many cost-reducing features of BPW’s new iC Plus running gear generation: the real-time detection of axle loads and analysis of vehicle utilisation offers vehicle operators a real leap in efficiency. As with tyre pressure control, the safety and efficiency benefits of axle load detection go hand in hand: the risk of overloading is reduced, which also eliminates any worry associated with official inspections.

Furthermore, iC Plus allows brake pad and performance analyses and digital maintenance management.

BPW Product Manager Caren Freudenberg: “Fleet operators should now take the new tyre pressure monitoring regulation as an opportunity to reduce their costs, increase safety and at the same time make their vehicle and fleet management more efficient. With the new iC Plus running gear generation, we also offer new customers a legally compliant, uncomplicated and individualised way into vehicle and transport networking.”

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